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Integrated Annual Report

Advantest has published our Integrated Annual Report 2019.
The report includes not only financial information, but also non-financial information on our Grand Design, vision, management policy, business model, strategy, environment, society, governance, etc. It aims to provide a comprehensive snapshot of our corporate value.

Integrated Annual Report
Integrated Annual Report
  • Breathing Life Into Semiconductors
    LIFE.ON. Launched!

    LIFE.ON. is an online event that intuitively expresses the value of the semiconductors in the indispensable technologies we use, and the value of the test technology that supports semiconductor quality and reliability. Try it out for yourself right now, and find out how Advantest brings dreams to life.

  • Advantest Introduces New Wave Scale RF channel cards for the V93000 platform

    Advantest Corporation has introduced the newest generation of its Wave Scale RF channel cards to extend the V93000 platform’s performance in testing Wi-Fi 6E and Other Connectivity ICs up to 8 GHz.

  • Advantest Named THE BEST Supplier in VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Advantest Corporation has topped the ratings chart of the 2020 VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey with a score of 9.5 out of 10, capturing the number one spot on this annual survey of global semiconductor companies. It has also been named to VLSIresearch’s renowned 10 BEST list for the 32nd consecutive year.